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Testimonials / Recommendations

  • Eddie is an intelligent, driven, customer oriented person who applies his skills efficiently and well. Eddie has a sharp wit and is able to handle many "balls" in the air at the same time with great flair. I recommend Eddie to anyone who has need of his type expertise and I can almost certainly guarantee you'll be satisfied with the work and enjoy his company.–William Willoughby worked directly with Eddie E at EDS here for more Testimonials

  • To whom it may concern. Eddie was hired for managing and driving parts of the Sarbanes Oxley programme forward. The client was global and the project was at a high risk and complexity. There is no doubt that Eddies contribution and dedication to the project and client was the winning factors that made the project successful and delivered in time.–Anders Kullman was Eddie E's here for more Testimonials

  • Eddie is a professional team player. He is a subject matter expert and strives to deliver the correct solution for the business unit in which he has been engaged. I had the pleasure of working with Ed on some business critical process re-engineering models, his knowledge is second to none and I would recommend him as an asset to any organisation.–Shimal Thakrar worked with Eddie E at T-Systems here for more Testimonials



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